The world can be a dangerous place, and children often lack the skills and judgment to practice effective personal safety. The best way to combat child abduction and sexual exploitation is to teach children how to protect themselves. Got 2B Safe! provides teachers, parents, and other educators with materials to teach children simple rules for personal safety.

4 Rules Of Safety

These rules are reinforced throughout the Got2B Safe! program and help children develop the self-esteem and confidence necessary to stay as safe as possible in any potentially dangerous situation.


Check First

Children should always check with parents and guardians before accepting gifts, rides or invitations from anyone, including friends, acquaintances and people they don't know.


Go with A Friend

Simple and straightforward - never go anywhere alone. Being with another person in public is safer and more fun.


It's My Body

Teach your children they have the right to say NO to any unwelcome, uncomfortable, or confusing touch or actions by others.


Tell A Trusted Adult

Teach your children to TELL a trusted adult - parent, teacher, etc. - if anyone or anything makes them feel scared, uncomfortable or confused.

Seasonal Safety Tips

Different seasons have different safety concerns. Make sure children are prepared year-round by downloading and printing these seasonal safety tips.

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